10 Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

10 Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Marketing is the fundamental chunk of any business which cannot be ignored. It is the act of hooking up with customers with a bid to convince them en route towards subscribing to a service or buying a product. Aside from the type of industry, a savvy entrepreneur not only realize this but also designate funds for this activity. With competition being extraordinary and rising with every passing day, marketing has become more pivotal for a business who wants to be distinct from the competition.


Now the question arises, how should marketing be done? What are the modes to opt for a better marketing plan? Where to advertise? How much money to be invested? And many more.


So, these questions have two basic answers namely Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing.


A bit about Digital Marketing

The marketing of services or products by employing digital technologies, primarily on the Internet but also including display advertising, mobile phones, and any other digital channels. Digital is the new age marketing method which offers a global scope to the business to reach a wider customer base.


A bit about Traditional Marketing

There are diverse facets of traditional marketing and examples might include palpable things such as business cards, print ads in newspapers or magazines. It includes posters, commercials on TV and radio and brochures. Traditional marketing is anything except a digital route to brand a product or logo.


In the market space, where companies are coming up with creative ideas for marketing, it is a tough decision to choose anyone from Digital and Traditional way. So, it confides in the nature of the business as what to choose as per their industry type. Both have their own pros and cons and can vary from company to company.


Benefits of Digital over Traditional Marketing

Marketing is all about building a connection with the customers at the right time at the right place. Our globe is in its digital age and people are allocating their major time poking around the internet. Listed below are the benefits of Digital Marketing every business should consider:


1) Cost Effectiveness

Cost of an advertisement in a hoarding or a front page of any magazine or can be astonishing. When compared with costs of traditional marketing strategy, advertisement campaigns over the web or digital channels are eminently cost-effective.


2) Real-Time Results

Digital marketing can get you abrupt results and you can even register them through Google Analytics and the insight tools extended by more social media channels. You can see in real-time, what is and what is not functioning for your business over the internet and lets you enhance your strategy accordingly.


3) Publicity and Awareness

Online, using social media share switch on your website, social media platforms and e-mail favors your message or plans to be communal expeditiously and propagate awareness about your product and services.


4) Ease of Tracking

Compared to the traditional mechanism where a business or brand owner has to wait for weeks or months to assess the genuineness of a campaign, a digital advertisement campaign gives more authority to track on whether the campaign is working as per the plan or not.


5) Adjust Accordingly

On the digital platform, you have all the power to adjust your ad campaigns as per their performance. For an ad campaign running on the net, you can either invest more into it with just a click or can opt to modify/takedown on the base of delivering the expected results or not respectively.


6) Specific Targeting

Digital Marketing allows for targeted campaigning where ads are presented only to those customers who are more likely to purchase your product or subscribe to your services. Targeted marketing is done on the basis of a database formed by a very smart algorithm that studies and adduce user preferences.


7) More Effective

The world is turning digital as the social media apps have taken over leaving traditional means of marketing in a backdrop and forgotten position. This revolution is affecting the effectiveness of traditional marketing and enhancing the scope of digital marketing in lieu of effectiveness.


8) Global Reach

Marketing with traditional modes may help you forwarding your thought and talks to the local people but by accepting digital, you are giving yourself a taste of wide and global reach with no limitation and boundaries.


9) Long lasting Content

Except that you are using the time-limited content for marketing, your business’s digital marketing content has that capability to last eternally. In fact, it is thoroughly amazing how a post that was first created or posted years ago can all of a sudden appear again all over the Internet. And this allows companies to market content for a long time with minimal investment.


10) Exceptional Engagement

Whereas traditional marketing does help to present your thought and your brand before the people but it has a deficiency of engagement. Relations build strong when people engage and digital marketing is exceptional in engaging with your would-be customers, leading to building a bond of trust.


Hope, we have provided you the decision making knowledge, if planning to market your business.


Feel free to Contact us, if you still have any Query. We would love to hear from you.



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  1. Hi Aaditya, after reading your post I must say that digital marketing is indeed the king of marketing now. The businesses looking to expand and grow should start marketing online, which will help in achieving the goal of earning significant profits. The magnificent thing about digital marketing is that even with a small investment, one can achieve significant returns.

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