How Mobile Apps can help you grow your Business?

How Mobile Apps can help you grow your Business?

OH! Now, this is something that defines the purpose of a question.

If I am not wrong, you are already familiar with the term mobile apps. I know that’s stupid to ask but still, I need a clarification.

Okay, on a note that you all are best friends with mobile apps, we should move to the density of the question.

Mobile applications have become an imperative part of daily life from a normal person to entrepreneurs. Everyone is being glittered by the magic mobile applications can do. But how a businessman can benefit from an app.

Entrepreneurs are a kind of different breed, they work for hours where normal people do flinch, investing all of their resources and hard work into their vision, their dream and always thriving for ways to improve.

Almost everyone is using mobile apps for their business, irrespective of where they rank in marketing journey. Building a mobile app is not a task only for the big players, the small and medium-sized businesses are matching up pretty quickly!

From the day smartphone revolution began, a lot of opportunities that can help businesses have opened up. The lethal combination of mobile apps and new age startups holds the capacity to break the orthodoxy when it comes to business.

With the symbolic seepage of smartphones today, it has become essential for corporates to take advantage of mobile apps for improving their businesses and help their ideas to grow more successful.

The situation today is such that the customers of every niche and strata have come to expect a mobile app for just about any product or service they need.

This single sentence itself saying a lot in answering the question we are following here. But we need more strong proof to satisfy your curiosity.


Dishes served by mobile apps to cater to business stomach

There are many tasty benefits that Mobile applications serve to your table. We will make you taste a bit of all.



1) Give your customer more value

Mobile apps serve the capability of acquiring more customers. A good app promises to keep the customer engaged. App features such as loyalty programs are one of the many strategies you can opt for. Apps users benefit from increased interaction with the business and go the vice-versa way for the business as well. If it is the case that you already have a rewards or loyalty program, you can accommodate it into your app with ease. Customers are searching for comfort and ease. If you develop an application that helps your customers to interact with you 24/7 and give them access to your products and services on the go, then you will earn their loyalty and trust. A business that gives their consumers and clients a better service even after the normal working hours will surely cultivate a benefit.


2) Boost Branding

Since your company’s logo and slogan are always visible on your customers’ mobile screens, it’s virtually impractical not to remember you whenever they will need your products/services. It gives you an advantage upon your competitors who are yet to adopt this business strategy or maybe thinking of the same. Mobile apps today play a key role in boosting your Online Reputation. If you want to rope in instant brand recognition than creating a mobile application is the best way to boost your corporate branding and overall reputation in the market. This will improve brand loyalty and with high-quality content, enforces your customers to open up the application on a regular basis.


3) New Sale Generation

This is especially so dramatically relevant when it comes to the e-commerce businesses who have limited scope of their sales by only conducting their business via websites. The Mobile App Development will open up a new door of revenue generation. It is time now that modern-day businesses do understand the kind of relationship built between consumers and their smartphones. Spoiler Alert! It’s quite a cozy one! When you as an e-commerce business owner decide to twist your root strategy to include mobile apps for the growth, you expand the market and your scope of increasing the sales revenues epidemically.


4) Increased Client Visibility

Discreet surveys and study have been done all around the world to prove that people have started spending most of their time on mobile phones. Now the question pops up how can it help to increase client visibility? Well, the answer is yet so simple, you can easily reach to your targeted clients or customers through your mobile app. All you are required to do is to blueprint your marketing strategy so accordingly that people will see your brand name flashing in front of their eyeballs while scrolling through the apps. Also providing valuable solutions remotely is the great reason why you should take your business online through mobile apps for the customers and clients and make your services easily accessible. 


5) Connect With Busy Customers

Even when shopping Online is a lot more convenient than going to a store, there are still people out there who don’t have the time to sit down at a computer or search via a mobile browser and go through your wonderfully designed website. However, these people always have their smartphone with them. Which means that, if you had an app, they could buy from you when they’re at the gym, watching television, or on a break at work. Mobile applications are a great way to connect with customers, boost your brand, and stand out from the competition. You don’t necessarily need to have an app to be successful, and an app won’t ensure that you are, but it will certainly give you a good shot, so there’s no real reason not to create one for your small business.


6) Freemium Feature

This is arguably one of the most effective ways to improve monetary value for an app. All you have to do is to provide some free features but with limited functionality. Once the user has liked the feature then he or she will definitely pay to get the added features. You may yourself have gone through these type of features in many gaming and online shopping apps. This feature enables a new way of income generation other than the sale of product and services.

An example of such an app is Picsart. The photo editing app that allows you to do some great editing and retouching to your photos while offering extended features for a certain fee and also comes up with a Gold membership.


7) Communication and Collaboration

Gone are the days when customers used to write emails or have to wait in a queue to connect with a customer service executive over the phone to communicate with their service provider. The market is full of competition now and companies are focusing more on customer service. People today do expect quicker communication and even faster service over the communication and this is the gap where a mobile app can be a very effective way for communication. It will reduce time, cost and will enhance collaboration. You can connect with your customers at any time irrespective of their geographical location.


8) Employee Engagement

Not only your customers but the employees can benefit too from a mobile app. You can boost your employees with two kinds of apps: 1) Public App which is available for every single person having a smartphone on the earth. 2) Internal App which is built only for the management and staff.

With the public app, you can provide special discounts and coupon code to the employees to keep up their interest in the organization.

And with the help of the internal app, you can keep a record of employees work performance, throw monetary and emotional bonuses to boost motivation and can give them space to interact freely. This is driving innovation in larger businesses by reducing communication and process roadblocks.


9) Market Directly

Through Mobile apps, you can directly market your products by communicating with the customers. The direct contact helps the customer know more about your business news feeds, product specifications, new features, prices, promotions, and special rates. By direct communication, you can understand every individual need and convince them directly. You can spend more time with them online to better understand their opinions on the services and products of your company and make changes accordingly. It can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. That means, with a single tap, customers can share your app with their network and or their experience with your company, which can then offer you free publicity.


10) Room for Improvement

Mobile apps can boost the growth of your business by constantly helping you to improve your services. These mobile apps can provide you with essential analytics of your business. These statistics can be of great help in improving your services. This will pave the way for business growth with mobile apps in numerous ways. You can easily get to know which products are in demand and which aren’t. This shall allow you to focus more on the shortcomings of your service and work upon them. Also, you can identify your customers based on age, location, and gender to improve sales. You can also analyze the reviews of the products to meet the expectations of the customers. As a result, your business shall certainly register higher growth. With mobile apps development, your business will be open to several reforms which will help you in the long run.


The Numbers

Mobile Apps

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How to Master the App-Game

While mobile apps can undoubtedly push your business growth, they only bake success if you market them effectively. Suppose you are searching for an app on Apple iTunes or Google Play, you will surely go the app that appears on top of the results and won’t scroll much further. So, you don’t want it to happen with your app too. Use SEO best practices to make your app discoverable, then promote your app on your website, blog, social media platforms too. You could even include a mention on your business card. If you have a storefront, encourage your customers to download the app through signage. Try offering a special download bonus, such as a coupon, to encourage participation.


Now, if you are ready to dive in the market with your own mobile app, don’t hesitate to contact us to develop an app for your business.

Have a great day ahead!

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