How to Setup Google Analytics for your Website?

How to Setup Google Analytics for your Website?

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool which analyses websites to provide insights into how users find and use your website. Using Google analytics, you can track the ROI (Return of Investment) for the marketing campaign.


So let’s see how we can set up Google Analytics for your website, by following some simple step as below:

  • Log in to your analytics account or create one by the substeps below



  • If you do not have an account, click Start for free


  • If you have an account, click Sign in to Analytics


  • Next step is to set up a property in your Analytics Account. By setting up a property it represents your website or app and the property collects all the data required for the Analytics from your website or app.


  • The next step to follow is to set a Reporting View on your property, this will allow you to filter specific data and provide a filtered perspective of your data.

For Eg: You can filter out regions from your data to provide data for that specific region.


  • Now you need to add the tracking code to your website in order to collect data to your Analytics Property, by following the video below:


Additional Steps

Once you have followed the steps above, you need to follow some additional steps below to fully utilize the potential of Google Analytics.


  • You need to link your Google ads account to Analytics Account; so that the combined data can be used to develop a better understanding of your marketing efforts affects the behavior of the user on your website.


  • Allow permissions to make changes to the configuration to suit your needs.


  • Create goals to identify what actions you want the users to want to take, provide a monetary value for those implemented actions.


  • Explore the Solutions Gallery for custom reports, dashboards and segments which can be then used for your Analytics Account.


  • Tweak your Tracking Code in order to receive additional data like user interactions with links, buttons, video controls and other dynamic elements on your websites.


Why do you Need Google Analytics

  • It’s Free: Considering there is no charge to use a tool that provides valuable insights and data, there is no reason not to use it.


  • To find out where your Visitors came from: Once the Analytics account is set up and running, you can get information about the region where your visitors are from and through which devices they access the most like mobile or a computer device. These data can then be used accordingly by your team to act accordingly.


  • To Track Campaigns: When you have linked your Google Ads account you can keep track of a running campaign from your Analytics account to create reports. These reports will help you to plan a more effective campaign.


  • To can analyze the active users on your Website: Through your Analytics Account, you can also track the active users on your Website and App. 


  • To find which Search Terms are Attracting Traffic: You need to have visibility in order to attract traffic. You also need to use the right set of keywords embedded on your website’s content to attract traffic. Using Google Analytics you can find out which keywords related to your industry are being used most so that those keywords can be stuffed appropriately in your website’s content to bring in traffic.


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