Influencer Marketing - A Brief Introduction

Influencer Marketing – A Brief Introduction

Social media has now become an inescapable existence in our technology-oriented earth. And, with the arrival of social networking sites came radical diversions to the manner marketers perform their job. For the first time ever, both, the industry experts and the regular people were introduced to a new and easy way to connect or network with millions of like-minded or synonym users from all around the globe.


This gives birth to a whole new marketing technology named as Influencer Marketing. And, this has now become highly successful as Advertisers recognize that they can benefit the power of social media and other Internet apparatus to market the products and services to their customers indirectly. When they can embolden people to talk in connection with and suggest their products and services online, these advertisers attain an exclusive advantage over their competitors.


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a style of marketing which lies its focus on influential people in preference to the intended market as a whole on social media. It pinpoints the beings who have influence over probable customers and align marketing activities around these influencers.


For the beginners, in an influencer marketing, a person who has an immense number of followers online will be paid to post about a brand and their related products/services on social media in front of their followers. There are many peculiar levels of influencers, and the amount of money which costs to hire an influencer is totally dependent on their follower toll and reach.


Influencer marketing is all about building relations and connecting with people that know and breathe your slot. A relationship that will sooner or later get a trusted third party to advocate your brand to a specifically marked audience.


This style of marketing is way similar to the word-of-mouth, our civilization is a place where people believe their relatives and friends more than anything else when it comes to investing their hard earned money making buying decisions. And social media is now a kind of home to have a get-together with every person you know. So, it’s just like suggesting a product or a service to those trust the person who advocates.


Who can be an Influencer?

An influencer is the one who carries authority and charisma of influencing people, means when he/she talks people listen with care and do tend to follow the path he/she is showing. Influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audienceInfluencers are those individuals who grew a powerful audience that trust him/her and can’t wait to hear what they have to say about new hot topics, launchings, products, and many other things.


Influencer marketers are not industry marketing experts. They are someone who excelled in their respective field on their own. Most of the influencer nowadays is social media sensations. They could be of any field like a blogger, photographer, celebrities, you tubers, and micro influencers. You may have seen many Youtube sensations promoting a product or an app in their videos like BB ki Vines, Dude Perfect, Harsh Beniwal, Zach King and many more. Some celebrities also post about a brand on their social media handles and same goes with the bloggers and photographers.


Bhuvan Bam Instagram Account


Why is Influencer Marketing growing?

When brands get influencer marketing right, they reap big returns.


According to MediaKix Instagram alone is over billion dollar mark in influencer market. As more and more people are using the internet, more are making their preferred purchases online. This inflicts some companies to budget more in their advertising process on the internet, and so on social networks precisely. Marketing at the hand of social networks allows for a transitory purchase process. An individual can go through the item and usually be connected to an online retailer instantly. This particular decrease in lag time – from seeing the promoted item and being redirected to the product is more effective for voluntary purchases.


This style of marketing functions just as the friends giving suggestions. And when it comes to friends, people don’t hesitate to do as they say.


According to research by Twitter around 40%of Twitter users made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer. And with these facts, we don’t think there is much more to explain or elaborate that Why Influencer Marketing is growing rapidly.


How to work out?

  • Identify Audience

Before investing a huge amount into the influencer marketing, the first thing you are supposed to do is to identify your targeted audience. As a business, you should have a research and report of who are your potential customers? You should know everything from Age segment to Gender and from class to taste. As this process will surely help you in the next step.


  • Spot Influencer

Fin out the people who are most relevant and fit to promote your brand. Meaning you need to find a person with a strong follower base whose activities and the followers match the nature of your business. And don’t just concentrate on the numbers, make sure to carry out a deep study of activities and average engagement time.


  • Initiate Contact

After identifying your targeted audience and spotting your influencer, it is time to initiate contact with Influencer. You can their social media profiles for a contact number or a website or maybe an email to get in touch.


  • Discuss & Deliver

Now to the most important part, when you have the influencer on board with you, there should be a deep and profitable discussion on the various methods of How the Influencer will post? What would be the caption? Is there a video to be uploaded or any image? There many things to discuss on. On the next, deliver what you have planned and hopefully all the humdrum will reap positive results.


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