Video, Voice and Regional Content: New trends of Digital Marketing

Video, Voice and Regional Content: New trends of Digital Marketing

Last two years (2017-2018) have seen the rapid dramatic change in the number of internet users worldwide. According to a report from we are Social, there are now approx. 4 billion people actively into the internet world from around the globe.


So, now approx. half of the earth population is now on the web world, with a fact that roughly a quarter of billion new users came online as their first in 2017.


The numbers and the facts related to the internet gave reason to the companies to go digital for their marketing as well as the functioning of the business and a new business idea to many enthusiasts. These things changed the scope of digital marketing into a whole new opportunity to grab as soon as possible and to cherish the business with higher growth.


In 2019, the digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is into the new dimensions. There are many brand new digital marketing trends and strategies that are emerging in the current high-tech, Internet-connected age and businesses now need to pursue them to succeed in their efforts because what worked for you last year may not work this year.


The three most should-be praised trends are Video Advertising, Voice Search Optimization, and Regional Language Content. So, let’s deliberate them: –


Video Advertising

You may have probably seen an advertisement running before the videos on YouTube and as a business, you also want to advertise on the world second largest search engine. But due to the big turn that digital marketing has taken in 2018, you can’t just stick to YouTube. There are many other social media platforms in the market which should also be considered. The social networking applications like Tik Tok, Vigo Video, LIKE app, Snapchat and Vine are now a decent platform to expand your digital marketing.


Creating some short videos of different types such as product demos, customer reviews, Brand Intro, and engaging videos can really help.


A Study unfolds that about 55%of the pages that ranked top in Google search results have videos embedded into their websites and in this year the number is only going to increase.


This year, a video is going to be the supreme for the marketing purposes and we are sure that you don’t want to miss out on this golden chance.


Voice Search Optimization

Much of the growth in internet users are guided because of the affordable mobile phones and pocket-friendly mobile data plans. As per We are Social, two third of the 7.7 billion human strong networks have a mobile phone, out of which excess of the half of handsets is the smart devices/smartphones.


Now, the buzz is that Google is tailoring itself to uplift its voice search algorithms because people are widely pushing themselves to use voice search for getting information about what they want to know through the web. An analysis reveals, nearly 41%people execute at least one search with their voice per day.


After knowing the numbers, you must consider voice search while optimizing your website for various search engines. And to answer the question, how it should be done? We recommend you hire a professional agency providing services of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Regional Language Content

Gone are the days when internet users used to create and interact with the content only in English. Now, because of the expanded roots of the internet into the semi-urban and rural areas as well, businesses are trying to reach out to the people as deep as they can and for the same reason, they tend to defeat the criteria of English content over the web world.


Mobiles applications like share chat & Your Quote are forwarding into their wide customer base because of the regional content strategy. You can find many news websites with the option of letting you read the news in your preferred language. This strategy of digital marketing focuses on capturing every single could-be customer in their business operational area.


Following the trend, as a business, you must apply this digital marketing concept. Choose your area, identify your audience and show the guts to publish content such as graphics, videos, informative written content, status updates on your social media platforms in many different languages.



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