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PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an evolved form of advertisement, a set of strategies and tasks used to direct traffic to websites and a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ads get clicked. More and more companies are now focused on using this model for the marketing of their brand, and this high demand gives birth to PPC management services. It indicates the process of managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Moreover, it is all about getting paid search ads in front of the right people, at the right time, including the right message. In order to pull the needle out from a haystack, you surely require the Best PPC company.

  • Reach out to the locals as well as a global audience.
  • Limited and accountable advertisement expense.
  • Leave the Immediate impact of your advertisement.
  • Keep up with changes taking place in the PPC services world.
  • Safeguard yourself from the fraud clicks

Services That You Can Expect in PPC Management

Search Engine Advertisement

Search Engine Advertising is a mechanism of planting online advertisements on web pages in a manner to directly display your paid ads betwixt search results on numerous search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Advertisements can be in the form of text or images posted on search engines. Also, it is a cost-effective way to improve brands and businesses.

Search Engine Advertisement

Image Advertisement

Image advertising, as the name defines, means to advertise about the product or services or the company directly in the digital world. It includes the use of proper file names, tags, and other surrounded data. This technique of advertising is effective because of a shared universal fact that "content with images or attractive visuals can attract more customers than written advertisement".

Image Advertisement

Video Advertisement

Online video advertisements are on its peak nowadays as you can see these small advertisements on every online video streaming platform. Companies are ready to spend the humungous amount on this strategy because of it’s proven result performance. You can also use this platform for your business promotion. And our PPC company in Gurgaon, Digiorbite, is that Video advertising agency you need to manage your campaign.

Video Advertisement

Google Shopping Advertisement

This is an advertising feature of Google. The ads shown on top of the Google search result page whenever someone searches for a tangible product that is sold online is the outcome of Google Shopping Ads. It gives people to visually compare products even before they click and can help companies in the generation of more sales if the ads are placed tactically. It consists of a brand website/name, product title & price.

Google Shopping Advertisement

Ads Remarketing

Ads Remarketing is the practice of serving ads across the internet to people who have already visited your website, or you can say recapturing the attention of people who leaves your site and bring them back. With our best ads remarketing Our PPC agency in Gurgaon can help your company grow more by turning numbers of cold or one time visitors into regular customers.


App or Software Advertisement

Companies are pouring more and more funds into app advertisements because of the time spent by the people on their smartphones. We can call them in-app or in-software advertisement as the ads are served on top when someone search by your app and software niche related keyword or search by your competitor’s app name in Google play store etc. Let us help you get through this fantastic technique and make accessible your App & Software.

App or Software Advertisement
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