5 Reasons Your Site Needs an SSL Certificate

5 Reasons Your Site Needs an SSL Certificate

If you look at the URL bar in the browser, you will see a lock sign and HTTPS. What do these two things mean? Well, They are the symbol of SSL( Secure sockets layer). So what are SSL and HTTPS?

HTTPs is a protocol used on the internet. When you browse the internet, it creates a secure connection between a web browser and the internet.  On the internet, there are many spam website, which wants to steal your personal information. If there is no SSL certificate on a website, its possible steal data from the website.

But having an SSL certificate reduces the danger.

So here are TOP 5 reasons to have an SSL certificate on your website.


1) Protect Your Data 

Imagine, you are visiting an e-commerce website for a purchase, you have given your personal information on the website. If there is no SSL certificate on the website than a hacker can easily steal your personal information. For example, ‘your credit card information, mobile number, addresses.’ SSL certificate acts as a middle man between you and the internet, to make sure, there is no third party spying on your website. If sensitive data were stolen from the website, it can undermine your website credibility. So getting an SSL certificate will provide you security. 


2) Gain Trust 

Having an SSL certificate increases the trust of the user when visiting a website. If you have a website that sells services or a product but does not have an SSL certificate, it can impact the number of sales you will make. Because users will not trust the website. Having an SSL certificate increases the chances of sales plus gaining the trust of users.


3) Improve Search engine ranking 

Google, in 2014 had announced that it has updated its algorithm to given preferences to those website having an SSL certificate. If you are wondering why your website rankings are not improving. So if you want to get on the first page of google. Get the SSL Certificate. 


4) Authenticity

An SSL certificate makes sure that your browsing sessions are not going to the wrong servers. If your website could be hacked, it would send sensitive information to another server other then yours. SSL makes you that the information, which is going to the right server. 

The authenticity of a website is ensured by Public key infrastructure. Make sure that you get an SSL certificate from a trusted provider. 


5) Improving SEO

If users on your website do not spend time on your website, how will it appear on search engines?  If every time, a user visits, but google alerts them, a website is not secure. How will these affect your rankings? To improve ranking, you need to have an SSL certificate. It will improve website ranking because users will trust it. SSL certificate also affects website loading speed. SSL certifies website load much faster than without SSL certified websites.


Conclusion – before losing users trust, get an SSL certificate to gain it.