Top 10 Reasons why you need a Mobile Friendly Website

Top 10 Reasons why you need a Mobile Friendly Website

The World is Changing and adoption of mobile devices is increasing, it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website. Here are the Top 10 Reasons why you need a Mobile Friendly Website


1) Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites

When a potential shopper initiates a search for a product/service on a search engine like google on a mobile device, the search occurred in a way that Google displays mobile-friendly websites on priority in Search Engine Results, rather than sites which are not mobile friendly.


2) Mobile users switch Devices.

According to surveys, 90% of people switch between screens to complete a task.

This means that at some point during the sales process the customer would access the website through a mobile device. Most of the time, users browse on their phones while bored looking for products/services that might interest them or do a quick research about the product they want to purchase on their mobile device to make an informed decision, they later move on to a desktop to complete the purchase.


3) Everyone’s on mobile.

We are living in a fast-paced world and for the average human, he/she has to keep up with the same pace as others such as being updated with the news which is not older than 10 seconds, navigating directions using mobile technology, booking a cab with a single tap for the next meeting and much more, this is all possible due to access to a smartphone which acts as a daily driver for the average human.

Hence, as a result, 1.2 billion people are connected to the internet from mobile devices; this means that around a whopping 80% of all internet users use a Smartphone. We are pretty sure Diamonds for women and dogs for man will be replaced for a smartphone in the near future.


4) Better User Experience

When a user has to spend time zooming and scrolling on a non-mobile friendly website on their mobile, no matter what information /content/products your website has to offer, they are more likely to leave your site in first few seconds.


5) Customers expect mobile-friendly sites.

Customers want to have a quick as well as a smooth experience on mobile devices, and if one does not meet these expectations, the customer will find one of your rivals that provides the better mobile experience.


6) Reduced Upkeep

The main advantage of having a mobile responsive site is that the entire desktop/mobile version is fit into one seamless design; the website recognizes the device used for browsing and displays the information accordingly, whether it is a Mobile device or a computer. The best part of having ONE responsive page is that maintaining it will be less of a hassle for processes such as re-designing, bug fixing, optimizing and it reflects for both desktop/mobile version. It’s literally “have two strings to one bow”.


7) Business tend to suffer without one

According to Google Think Sights that most of the users are looking for a mobile-friendly site and if your site is not mobile friendly, 61% of the users leave the website for another one. And if the competitor has a mobile-friendly site ready 67% of the mobile users are more likely to buy a product/service from the competitor’s site, which means that you will lose business and is simply missing out on sales by simply not having a mobile responsive site.


8) Improved Loading Speeds

According to standards set by ‘Google page Speed Developers, the front content should load under 1 second and the rest of the content in the page should load under 2 seconds.

These standards cannot be met with a desktop page being loaded on a mobile screen as they are designed differently and is a lot heavier. The long loading time will force the frustrated customers to leave your site for another mobile-friendly site.


9) Better Analytics

Once you have your responsive website set up, the analytics and tracking tools will continue to work function as normal and file in a single report so that it can be monitored or planned accordingly in a much simpler way.


10) Adapts to Newer devices

A big advantage while setting up a mobile responsive website is that it is designed based on screen size and not a particular device; hence this includes the devices of the future. As a newer device roll out in the future, a mobile responsive website will still look as fascinating as ever.


The numbers of mobile internet users are increasing every single day and due to its portable nature people are able to access the internet on the go; needless to say, this is where we need to tap in the consumer market and the first step to targeting the mobile base is to provide a user and mobile friendly website design for the mobile user who visits your website.


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