What makes WordPress the most popular CMS?

What makes WordPress the most popular CMS?

WordPress is nothing new to today’s webified people as being the top CMS present in the web world right now. Come into the existence on 27th May 2003, who knows that it will become a pioneer in its field, but with the best class services to the users, it grows up so strongly and about to turn 16-year-old teenager in 2019.

According to W3Techs WordPress is used by 60.6% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 33.6% of all websites.

With a total of 98 version released till date, WordPress (and self-hosted WordPress websites running Jetpack) get an average 22,000,000,000+page views per month and growing. It hosts blog written in over 120 languages and produces about 70 million new posts with an engagement of 77 million new comments every month.

Above shown number facts are few of the milestones reached by WordPress and this only shows the giant control and influence it holds over the CMS. If you are still not impressed and want more proof and reasons to take it as the most popular CMS in the world, we will outperform the task.


Let’s start by knowing a bit about WordPress

WordPress is a smooth and free Content Management System with diverse features and broad customization possibilities. It can be used to develop any sort of website, be it for a small business or for a large enterprise. It helps users create, update, manage and organize their websites and blogs by using various tools. It is an open-source content management system based on PHP & MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.


Few Websites using WordPress:-

Hold Tight! The list can hit your nerves and will make you trust WordPress.


Why It Is Best In The Game?

Easy to use

Ease-of-use is the fundamental reason why most new businesses have taken an affinity to WordPress. It is a user-friendly platform and one can grasp how to use WordPress as CMS in a jiffy. Once your site is developed, you don’t require professionals to manage it, as it demanding programming & coding skills.



With WordPress, you can constructively kind of website you want such as a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a professional portfolio, a business website, a government website, a news website or magazine, even a network of websites. You can cater your website to look beautiful with some amazing themes, and extend it with a huge range of plugins. You can also build your own application.


Publishing Tools

An impressive feature that WordPress provides is that it makes it easy to manage your content. You can easily Schedule Publication, Create Drafts and keep an eye at your post revisions. Also, you can make your content private or public and secure posts and pages with a customized password.


SEO Friendly Platform

Search engines are in awe of WordPress websites. It is noticeable from the fact that they crawl WordPress websites more deeply and more often than websites constructed on other platforms. It has a simple and easy code. This code helps search engines to comfortably understand and index the website’s content. Whenever we add some new content or update the website’s content, the Ping feature of WordPress automatically apprises search engines about it.


Most Reliable

As per the surveys from W3Techs, 28.6% of all websites are mechanized by WordPress, as compared to its competitor Joomla (3.3%) and Drupal (2.3%). This is affirmation itself of the power and reliability of WordPress. This makes it the most reliable and trusted CMS around the globe.


Most Innovative & Creative

Even when it is used by millions of enjoyer around the earth, it’s the innovation that makes WordPress so durable in coddle to such an ample congregation. The CMS is always ahead of the times. Any type of bugs are fixed instantly by the CMS and they frequently update their software and use superior technology to ensure safety. Therefore, allowing you a free rein to explore varied creative options at a click-of-a-button.


Reliable Security-Regular Updates

WordPress is a hard nut to break. They know how much it takes to build a website, which is why they have come up with solid security measures to ensure that your site is protected from unauthorized access. The CMS updates its security tools to ensure airtight security. They use the best security plugins to make this possible. They have a dedicated security team that works to improve security tools with newer versions of software updates. You can fix any issues on your website before they damage anything.


Shareable Pages and Posts

The power brandish by social media platforms is colossal. Just take a look at the number of WordPress users active on social media platforms and their importance becomes very clear. And principally for large businesses in search to find a portal to engage with their target market. There are more than a billion users on Facebook alone. Combine this with the growing importance of Twitter as a promotional and engaging platform for a large business. Here is the drop down of society where you can share:


·                     Twitter ·                     Flickr
·                     YouTube ·                     Sound Cloud
·                     Vimeo ·                     Daily Motion
·                     PollDaddy ·                     Slide Share


Robust Password Protection

Passwords are like the gold ornaments today, everyone kept it so safely just like the gold in lockers. And WordPress consider this amazingly and comes with an inbuilt password protection feature. This will ensure that your password is protected at all times, thereby reducing the risk of hacking, malware, and other cyber-crimes.


Conclusive Words

We can outline double the points mentioned in favor of WordPress but it won’t make any difference as the advantages printed above are more than sufficient to endeavor the liking for using WordPress.

Still, if you are not satisfied and want more conclusive thoughts to convert you in fan for WordPress, you can crawl the search engines to hit yourself with a flood of favorable answers.


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