Why choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Why choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can be simply defined as modern marketing done through electronic devices so as to reach the general public on a massive scale. The medium used can be anywhere on the internet. Digital Marketing is a vast field to dive in and it provides people with an interesting and creative field to work on.


Since there are numerous positive prospects on choosing digital marketing as a career, let’s see the top 10 reasons on why to choose Digital Marketing as a Career:

1) Easy to Grasp and Learn

The concept of digital marketing is easy to grasp if you have the basic knowledge of the internet and English. If you have good control over English and understanding of how the internet works you can be a good Digital Marketer.

The major fields in Digital Marketing are plenty like SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, etc.


2) High Demand for Digital Marketing Skills

The backbone of any company to provide revenue is the Marketing and Sales Department. These two departments drive the revenue into the company increasing profit and sales. Hence every company is looking to expand their Marketing and sales team at every chance possible.

With the help of the Marketing Team, the Product Development Team is guided to create a product by understanding the customer’s needs and make the customer understand the benefits of the product through marketing. Without marketing, no product can be sold and pushed to the customer.

Hence we can say that the Marketing and Sales team are the two departments which provide direct and immediate ROI. Other departments like finance, HR, operations, etc do not participate in providing the company with director immediate ROI. It is safe to say that there would be no shortage of demand for Marketing.


3) Bigger and Fatter Paychecks (Salaries)

As we have explained earlier how Demand is on the rise for Marketing, Digital marketers are headhunted as the demand is more than the supply. Hence the people in digital marketing roles receive a handsome pay in return.

When a company hires a Digital Marketing team, they see the salaries paid to the employees as an investment, since the ROI is many times that of the total salaries of the digital marketing team and the company rakes up a huge profit.

When we look at the average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager with few years of Experience in Bangalore according to this source, receives an annual income of an average of Rs.7,19,289/- which is considerably higher than the average salary paid in the subcontinent of India.


4) Interesting and Creative Job

When combined with a good salary and endless job opportunities and it goes hand in hand to provide you a perfect and interesting job. While working in this industry, you have to be creative and innovative in the way you work since there are no rules in digital marketing other than some technical prospects.


5) Choose your own Work Profile

When it comes to choosing your work profile in digital marketing, you can be really flexible with the choices. You can opt to work full time, part time, freelancer or even be a Consultant. You can work in your comfort from your home or work offline in various companies. With these options, you can be really flexible with choosing your career in digital marketing.


6) Qualifications are not a Requirement

Most of the jobs on the market require job seekers to have educational qualification of very high standards, and these standards being unrealistic when compared to the meager pay scale. However to be a digital marketer you just need to hone your skills in 3 core things, such as:

  • Be proactive and to learn new things every day
  • Be Proficient in English
  • Basic Analytic Skill


7) Wider Work Scope

Since Digital Marketing is not a singular field to dive in, there are different subfields you can be a specialist. It means when opting for a career in Digital Marketing you get to choose from a lot of options such as to be a Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Expert, SEO Specialist and loads more to choose from.


8) Job Opportunities Overseas

Developed countries like the UK, US, and Australia have companies which are in need of digital marketers with good experience on how to draw traffic and increase conversions. Since the field of Digital Marketing is not restricted geographically, you can always work for these companies online from your home or anywhere you find comfortable. This is one of the best advantages to work in digital marketing.


9) No need for Programming Skills

To work in a field like Digital Marketing one must be computer proficient, but that does not mean he/she has to have hardcore coding or programming skills to operate Digital Marketing tools. Any person interested to learn can either use the internet or apply to digital marketing institute to learn and understand the process better.


10) Kick Start your Career Early On

While working at your current job, you can always opt to work as a freelancer or work part-time for a Digital Marketing Agency and jump-start your career. One just needs to have proper training and a creative mind to start his career on his own.


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  1. Hey, Well information about digital marketing and their blogging strategy and how to learn easy ways to digital marketing. And your main 10 points are very important and easy to understand for us.

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