YouTube Premium! What does it mean for YouTube Advertisers & Creators?

YouTube Premium! What does it mean for YouTube Advertisers & Creators?

Youtube recently launched Youtube premium in India which offers youtube music, ads-free content on both music and videos, miniature view on smartphones, Youtube Originals (Which offers Series produced by Youtube itself) check out the chart below.



What is YouTube Premium?

Youtube premium and music is relatively new as compared to our western counterparts; it was first disguised as Youtube Red providing the same features as today’s Youtube Premium. It is a stigma that we Indians do not get to experience the same services which are released to other parts of the world way earlier. When Spotify was released two weeks back and with the plethora of music apps on the market, it feels like Google felt the pressure to drop the bomb sooner, or it would have been difficult to woo users on a later stage where they would have found their comfort zone using similar services. 


Youtube Premium is just a few days old as of now, and nobody has an exact number of the users subscribed to the service. But with the offering of a 3 Month trial by adding your credit card and afterward Price of Rs.129/Month, when compared to the United States it cost $11.99/Month which roughly translates to around Rs.830, which is a steal.


What does it mean for Advertisers on YouTube?

Once a user subscribes to youtube premium, it means that the user would be receiving ad-free content for the subscribed period and one does not have to sit through the pain of watching ads while trying to access interesting content on the tube. This feature is also one of the main sales pitch of Youtube Premium. For advertisers, this means that they won’t be able to target the Premium subscribers and showcase their products/services and won’t be able to create an impact that certain audience. So basically advertisers are non-existent to the Premium Subscribers.


What does it mean for Creators on YouTube?

According to the pricing and free trial above, there would be a respectable number of premium users who would avail the service. So there would certainly be an impact for the Youtube creators since ads would not generate revenue for them on premium user base, but during the trial period of the premium service in the western part of the world Youtube promised to pay for lost revenue through ads for the creators if the viewer is still in the trial period. Maybe Youtube will apply the same rule for India as well.


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