Top 5 Trends to Earn Money on YouTube Premium

Top 5 Trends to Earn Money on YouTube Premium

Youtube recently launched Youtube premium in India which offers youtube music, ads-free content on both music and videos, miniature view on smartphones, Youtube Originals. In order to Generate Revenue on Youtube Premium The Creators have been innovative about how they earn apart from youtube ads, such as the following :


1) Channel Membership 

This is where the user pays a certain of money to support the channel and become a member of the Channel to procure some Perks which are delivered by the creators. This membership requires the member to pay a monthly fee to the subscribe channel in order to retain the status as a member.


2) Sponsors 

Over here the channel, Sponsors approach the youtube creators or vice versa in order to get funds to post creative videos. The videos are usually sponsored by Brands in which the Brands are mentioned or featured anywhere between the start and the end of the video so as to target the audience on Youtube.


3) Promotion of Products

This is similar to sponsored videos but over here promotion of products take place between videos and also give a subtle and brief description of the product. The creators have to be very subtle about how the product is being shown in the video if the product is not interesting and the description is too long it can cause dissent among viewers and can affect the long term stability of the channel. The products showcased in this video are usually new in the market which wants to gain traction and increases user base.


4) Affiliate Marketing

Here the creator posts videos explaining about numeric products which usually totals 5 or more in number. After giving a brief description about all the products in the video, the viewer is interested in a product can click on the links provided in the video description which leads to the product page where the viewer can directly purchase from. The creator earns if the user buys any of the stuff using the link.


5) Donation

There is a category of videos on Youtube where the creators go live on Youtube, The Content could vary between streaming live sports matches to playing games live and other endless content. This is a good platform to earn additional revenue since over here YouTube provides an option for viewers to donate a certain amount of money when the YouTuber goes live. 


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