What are Double Ads on YouTube Video? How do these Impact YouTubers & Viewers?

What are Double Ads on YouTube Video? How do these Impact YouTubers & Viewers?

In the year 2018, there were 225 million users on Youtube in India and the numbers are expected to grow more than 500 million in the year 2020. It was able to woo 80% of India’s youth into using its services.


The average amount of video content watched on Youtube daily is around 1 billion hours per day around the globe, so it is no surprise that the marketers saw it as an opportunity to run ad campaigns on Youtube in early 2009 so as to reach an audience all over the world. This was the first online video streaming platform for ad campaigns to go viral and reach out to the mass audience. 


Length and types of ads vary anywhere between overlay ads and non-skippable ads, Check Below For More Details


Youtube Ads Formats


What are Double Ads on YouTube Video?

In between late 2017 and early 2018 youtube started showing double ads which happen at the start of the video. And the format goes like this the first ad is usually skippable with 5 second wait time and the next ad is usually unskippable. This is such a pain for the viewers and Youtube started to implement this in India during mid-2018.


So in order to skip the ads altogether, Youtube recently launched Youtube premium & music in India in which Youtube Premium offers youtube music, ads-free content on both music and videos, miniature view on smartphones, Youtube Originals(Which offers Series produced by Youtube itself) and the premium service just starts at Rs.129/month.


How Do Youtube Premium Impact YouTubers & Viewers?

So to answer your question on how it benefits YouTubers, The double ads step up and try to generate revenue by displaying multiple ads to non-paid users and make up the lost revenue due to the effect of paid service which in turn helps the Youtuber, they also have been creative in generating revenue other than running ads on their videos. To Find out how, Click Here

With the release of Youtube Premium, Viewers who watch most of the content on youtube will truly benefit from the paid service and will be able to view the ad-free content.


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