What are Google Shopping Ads?

What are Google Shopping Ads?

In the series of discussion and getting familiar with different types of Google Ad networks like Google Search Network, Google Display Network, etc, were standing at third installment today where we will welcome the new guest Google Shopping Ads.

Google as a name has now become a household kind of thing. There are most of the obvious chances that you will listen, use for any search, and take help of Google Maps in your daily routine. The influence Google has made has reached the height where people in India are calling it “Google Baba”.

As a retailer or shop owner or an entrepreneur offering discrete products and services, you surely wish to have more sales and for that purpose, you need to advertise in this highly competitive market.

Advertising today demands to be done at a physical and digital level to attain the maximum lead generation and sales. Physical advertising is what you can see all around you in the world and digital is what you go through your devices which supports internet.

Showing your things at the most noteworthy purpose of Google’s web crawler results empowers sellers to install themselves at a beginning period in the buyer’s voyage for extensive thing catchphrases and drive changes direct from the SERP.

In any case, the scene has ended up being dynamically forceful consistently, so it’s fundamental to get key about the way where you run your Google Shopping endeavors to stay in control and before your proposed intrigue gathering.


What are Google Shopping Ads?

Before going through any textual definition let me show you what it looks like:

I bet, you may have seen this kind of listing on top of the Google search result pages if have ever tried shopping online via searching the product through search giant Google.

Google Shopping Ads are product listing ads (PLAs) that are featured across Google’s Search and Shopping results.

These ads are the placement of campaigns on top of search results and are called Shopping ads since they’re more than just a text ad – they show clients a photograph of your item, in addition to a title, value, store name, and that’s just the beginning. These advertisements give users a solid feeling of the item you’re selling before they click the promotion, which gives you increase qualified leads.


Google Shopping – Something to know!

Google Shopping is powered by two platforms: AdWords and Google Merchant Center.

Google Merchant Center is the place your item feed lives. We’ll dive into the subtleties of your feed immediately, yet more or less, it’s the subtleties of your items composed in an organization Google likes.

AdWords is the place your real shopping efforts live and where you’ll set your financial limit, deal with your offers, gain bits of knowledge, and make improvements dependent on execution.


How does it work?

If you want to use Shopping Campaigns to increase traffic to your online store or website, to promote your local and online inventory, and to hunt better-qualified leads, you have to send your product data and merchant center to Google for creating Google Ad campaigns. Your campaign that will be used to create ads around the web where potential customers can have a look at your offerings.

They (Shopping Ads) tend to use your existing Merchant Centre product data and not the keywords to decide when, where, how and whom to show your ads. The mechanism will use the information submitted by you about the product you sell to match with the user search and finally will show the products that are most relevant to the user search term.




Product Shopping Ads:

It gives you access to include title, price, image and the name of your business or local store into your specific ads and that too without the need of creating unique ads for each product you sell.

The specification of your ad comes from the product data you provide in your Merchant Center account. You can also opt into other Google services, like Trusted Stores and Merchant Promotions, to glorify your ads in many other ways.


Showcase Shopping Ads:

This type let you team up or group together some related products and present them all together to scatter the limelight on your business or brand.

It serves benefits like showing ads that help people to decide where to buy from, control over the product to select which will appear in your ad and track engagements and conversions in real time.


Local Catalog Ads:

Local Catalog Ads shortly called as LCA are a profoundly visual and simple to-peruse promotion design that utilization feeds information from neighborhood stock promotions and achieve watchers of Display promotions. LCA can enable you to drive pedestrian activity to your nearby stores by featuring store-explicit items, costs, and store data.


Push start with 3

There are 3 main areas to focus to get success from Google Shopping Ads:

  1. Feed creation and optimization– Or, as we would love to call it, “feed mastery”. This covers a lot of ground area of Google Shopping field including your product data, product images, and price.  
  2. Bidding– Many ways are actively present to bid successfully. Bidding can be a complex task but it where you have to watch out your wallet. We’ve seen big shifts in bidding strategies that double the return on ad spend for different campaigns. 
  3. Monitoring and Optimization– One of the best advantages of Google Shopping is its ability to see grainy performance data and to make optimizations accordingly. Appropriate monitoring and optimization can take a campaign from low to the high sky.


Benefits of Shopping Ads


Better Click-Through-Rate –

Did you realize that customers are twice as prone to tap on a Product Ad as a customary PPC advertisement? From records we’ve overseen we’ve seen a normal improvement in Click Through Rates (CTR) of between 34-45%. One reason for this is individuals perusing for explicit items will, in general, be further along the line in the purchasing procedure – they’ve frequently effectively done their examination and chose precisely what they are searching for.


Grab Attention –

PLAs are the main promotions in the query items flaunting a photograph, which promptly catches the eye of the customers. Visual intrigue is key in Google Shopping enhancement, it pulls in purchasers and makes them bound to snap and arrive on an item page.


Better Qualified Leads

You can cherish your business sales by increasing the number of qualified leads with the help of Google Shopping Ads. It helps you to directly feature your product and its related information to help shoppers in making their informed purchase decisions. It increases the chances of turning shoppers into buyers.


Easy Campaign Management

PLAs are much simpler to manage on the back end easing your workflow. There are no keywords and Google uses your product data feed to match your products so searches. You can manipulate product data feed to optimize your ads with your product title, category, and descriptions.