Why You Should Use Social Media For Your Business?

Why You Should Use Social Media For Your Business?

We all use social media for a wide variety of reasons like to be updated with the latest news, catch up with friends, watch videos and much more. In the year 2018, there were around 2.46 billion social media users and the number is expected to reach 3 billion by 2021.

By tapping into the process of Marketing in Social Media allows you access to this massive number of social media users to know about your product/business. Now since we had a look at the huge scope of Marketing in Social Media, let’s look at the top benefits of using this process:


1) Brand Awareness: With the help of Marketing on the social media platform you can target almost half the population to increase your brand awareness among potential customers in the general population.


2) Website Traffic: Once you have set foot in social media and are putting up posts regularly, you can direct these users onto your website thereby increasing your website traffic. The user can then explore what your website has to offer and get to know more about your business.


3) Lead Generation: On Social Media, you can use the platform to increase lead generation by using specific tools on different social media, for example on Facebook you can use Facebook Lead Ads to generate leads at a fraction of the cost of a normal ad where you fill up the form on the company’s website. There are other social media platforms which offer different advertising formats specifically designed to generate leads.


4) Increase Sales: Users on social media are increasing on a day by day basis and the sales tool being used is adapted accordingly. By aligning your social media marketing and sales goal together you can increase sales with the help of increasing users and upgraded sales tool on these platforms.


5) Brand Loyalty: Engage your customers through social media and it helps to build stronger relationships with your customers. Social media is an effective way to entertain customers and leads which result in satisfied, loyal and repeat customers over time. You can set yourself apart from the rest of the competition by providing and reinforcing care for your customers.


6) Know more about your Customers: When you have a business profile on a social media platform, you can generate a huge amount of data about your customers in real time. Most of the major social media platforms provide information demographically about the users interacting with your account. With the help of this information, you can make smart business decisions.


7) Handling Crisis Situation: When running a business, you would face some problems on a day to day basis but there are times there would be a crisis like situation for your business.

Let me explain with a hypothetical example: Suppose a fire happened at your store during business hours and there were some shoppers injured as result, you could then use social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to release timely statements and explanation out to the general public so as to douse the situation.


8) Stay on top of Industry News: You can keep an eye and ear out through social media and stay updated with the latest trends, upcoming changes in your industry that could affect your business.


9) Reports & Analytics: With the help of social media marketing tools like tracking and analytics tool, you can see your followers, the impact of social media activities and even prove the return of Investment. Using tools like Google Analytics can help you track website traffic, conversions, email sign-ups and more.


10) Make it Viral: When there are a massive amount of likes, comment, and shares for your post, it gets exposed to a larger audience. As people share your post within their networks and the network follow suit, it gets spread across the internet making your post viral along with your brand. With the massive shares and likes people are bound to check out your brand and what it has to offer in terms of product/service.


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