10 Tips on How to Create an Effective Landing Page

10 Tips on How to Create an Effective Landing Page

It is very important to have an effective landing page as it is the deciding factor for the visitor to figure to proceed with you or not. So to help you create an effective Landing Page, let’s look at some top tips given below:


1) Keeping it Simple

It’s fairly easy to create an Effective Landing Page; you just have to make it simple. You can achieve this and make your page simple by including the details as per below:

Headline: The headline should be relevant with your published advert. The message from your advert should not differ from your headline.

Image: Always choose a high-quality image for your landing page and be sure to choose a design that’s attractive to the eye.

Credentials: If you hold any awards be sure to let your customers know about it in a subtle way.

Call to Action(CTA): Try to be creative the CTA text and design your own CTA with bright colors with increased visibility, such that it makes the customer to actually use the function.


2) Make your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

If your landing page and its forms are not mobile friendly and you get a visitor using the mobile device to your page. He/she is going to go nuts while trying to fill out the non-mobile friendly form on the mobile device, eventually giving up while not giving a thought about the quality service/product you have to offer.


3) Do A/B testing of the Position of Forms on Landing Pages

Consider that you have the landing page forms ready, now it’s time to A/B test the positioning of the forms. The positioning of the forms should be in the middle of the page with a clear format and without much empty space.  Also, try in different positions so as to get results from the A/B test.

Once the testing is done and the results are out, you simply pick the position which has a higher conversion rate.


4) Include a Video

Suppose you want to deliver a long message to the visitors and the medium of text is simply out of the question because it would bog down the visitors. The best way to convey the message is to design a short and insightful video for the visitors. With the help of the video, the visitors can make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with you.


5) Ask only for the details you need on the Form

When a visitor is at your page and the forms require too much personal information to complete, the idea of sharing this information de-motivates the visitor to proceed further. So always ask for information you actually need. Heck depending upon some products you might only need an email address!!!


6) Design Custom Pages

If your standardized landing pages for all of your advertising campaigns, then it would not tap into the potential customer visiting your page which decreases conversions.

In order to tackle this problem tailor and scale your landing page, remove navigation to other areas of your landing page, focus on making the landing page to convert and make your landing page your checkout desk.


7) Include Proof Elements

By including proof elements like privacy message, security seals or a BBB rating, it makes the people visiting your website feel less anxious while visiting your webpage. On the other hand, people would feel reluctant about providing information on your page without these proof elements.

Add Proof Elements like Norton Secured by Verisign, TRUSTe, Trustpilot, link to your privacy policy, review center, etc.


8) Include Social Sharing Icons

With the inclusion of social sharing icons on your page, the visitor can spread the word about your brand. Avoid cluttering the landing page with all the icons, instead, use the most popular social media icons. Since people still like to forward things through the mail, add an email forwarding icon as well.


9) Make the form Appear Shorter

When a visitor arrives at your landing page and is greeted with a form which looks long, it feels repelling for the potential visitor. If your form has a lot of fields and each field is indispensable, you could always shorten the look of the form through formatting which shortens the space between fields and readjust the overall format appropriately.


10) Always Say “Thank You”

Being nice to your customer pays off in the long term, you could start by saying “Thank You” after the completion of the form or you can also be creative in the way you convey the same message. It really goes a long way with the relationship with the customer. Trust Me!!!


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