What are Google Ads for Apps_

What are Google Ads for Apps?

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Our last three (Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads) investment was all about Google Ad network and this one also thrives to drop light on another topic of Google Ad Network that is Google Ads for Apps.

The world today is highly stuffed with mobile devices which are also stuffed with millions of apps which serves billions of products and services.

Increasing demand for mobile phones has pushed the Industries to expand the business from physical offices to websites and then to mobile applications. And now is the time where around 80% to 90% startup can’t come into existence without a mobile application. Entrepreneurs today tend to get a mobile app developed before starting their operations from physical offices.

According to Statista the available no. of mobile application on the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 2.6 million.

Google Play Store formerly known as Android Market was launched on 22nd October 2008 just after one month of the launching of very first android device. It comprises of only 13 apps on the launch day and today you can get a mobile app for almost every kind of services.

So, as the demand increases, the app makers also found themselves in need of advertisements. And taking this extra space Google came up with Google Ad Apps Campaigns.


What it is?

A Google Ads application Campaign is a robotized crusade type that empowers you to drive the two establishments (commonly abbreviated to “installs”) and in-application conversion. To the extent positions go, an application crusade associates you to clients crosswise over Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and Google Play.

Fundamentally, when you’ve presented several lines of promotion duplicate, some visual resources, a crusade objective, a financial limit, and an offer, Google Ads consequently produces your advertisements and upgrades them as per arrange. Over the long haul, Google Ads observes which duplicate/visual blends drive the best outcomes and organizes those over others.


How does it work?

In this specific ad campaign, you don’t have to design your ads for Apps Campaigns, Google mechanism will use your text ideas and assets from your app’s store listing to design various ads around the several networks in different formats.

To help Google you are required to provide some text, your starting budget and bid, and different languages and locations as per your requirement. After that system will try a hand over various combinations and will show ads which more often performs the best.

Google Ads also automates targeting and bidding to help you get the best value for each download.


Visual Scope of Your Ad

Now, after you have invested your money into advertisements, you must be thinking of the places where your ads will appear. But you don’t have to worry as you are advertising with Google. The name which has respect, trust, loyalty and all in the market.

For your Apps Ad Campaign, Google has its prime properties to cater you with the highest possible results.


Google Search Network

After matching the search terms with information in your app, it shows your ads on:

Google Search Results &Google Search Partners.



What more would you demand that a platform like YouTube? Millions of people spend their time on YouTube each day. And it helps thousands of entrepreneurs to get their app downloaded into the mobile phones of users.

It shows your ads where they have higher chances of getting clicked: Relevant content, channel or pages.


Google Play Store

Your ads will be shown on the play store of Google when people search for services like the offer. It can be on any section according to user experience nature:
Google Play Search Results, Home page as “Suggested for you”, and detail page of a related app.


Display Network

Gmail, mobile websites of discrete sites across the internet and other mobile apps.


Pros of Google Ads for Apps

  • Works on the machine learning algorithm, hence highly targeted.
  • Requires no optimizations. You can just set it and forget it.
  • Provides very low CPAs as compared to CPC or CPI targeting.
  • You can specify how much you want to spend by bidding CPA and daily budget.
  • You can control the bid/budget/country/ad text.